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Did you know that most of the Vitamin C content of oranges resides in the peel? While the peel contains 136 milligrams of Vitamin C, the flesh only contains 71 milligrams. Vitamin C has long been used to fight colds and flu viruses. Click now while supplies last! 

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“Due to the multiple hazards of chemical compounds such as drug resistance, environmental problems, high production costs, and side effects, the tendency toward using medicinal plants in all health-related sciences is increasing” ~ PubMed

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Did you know….
In the ancient Indian medical system known as Ayurveda, Dandelion is used to treat various liver disorders such as jaundice, cirrhosis of the liver and enlargement of the liver.

Traditional Chinese medicine records Dandelion in use for at least 5 thousand years for a variety of conditions including diabetes, cancers, infections, fevers, snakebites and, of course, liver and digestive disorders.

The Following Are Some Great Herbal Medicine Resources for Educational Purposes

Medicinal Herb Info (Forgotten wisdom of the old ways)
American Botanical Council (Reliable herbal medicine information)
Herb Research Foundation (Offers solid science and informed opinion”)
US National Library of Medicine (Medicinal Herbs)
PubMed Peer reviewed research repository)
National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health (Ayurvedic)
Herb World News Online
American Herbalist Guild (An association of Herbal Practitioners)
Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation

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