This Is Our Story 
by Jayne Judkins, Certified Herbalist

Welcome to The Herb Joint, we’re so happy to finally be opening our doors to you. It’s been a long journey, but here we are. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to those who have supported me along the way. I’m Jayne, and I am the owner and creator of this Website and store. I am a certified herbalist, mom, sister, friend, and entrepreneur.

For many years I have been deeply interested in natural health, eating well, and taking an occasional trek thru the woods to gather any medicinal herbs that I could find. As a mom, I loved creating soothing salves for cuts and bruises or infusing oils for culinary purposes and soothing aches and pains. I found it refreshingly uplifting whenever I was around my favorite aromatic herbs like Lavender, Patchouli, Eucalyptus, or Sage. It’s interesting how their scents can have an everlasting impression on us. They are  comforting, and wholesome memories reminding us of “home”. I love being a mom and having come from a large family, motherhood has always come natural to me. As far as I am concerned, there’s nothing more satisfying or that could ever compare to the joy that motherhood brings. 

Now my nest is pretty much empty and for five long years I have mourned the loss of one of my boys, but with the passage of time, our hearts have begun to heal. It’s been a long and painful journey and the loss of Tommy was a sudden and unexpected event that has certainly left it’s scars. As a mom, I do not believe there is anything more painful. His death left a huge void inside of me which triggered extreme weight loss, high blood pressure, and inner turmoil, which led to a few other health issues. For some time I felt myself slipping away. A thought, a memory, or something someone might have said, would trigger such sadness that is was often hard to hold myself together. Time seems to pass so slowly when mourning a loved one.  In fact I would say that “time” seems to stand painfully still. 

I have come to accept the wounds that I cannot escape and the scarred tissue that remains is a reminder that life must go on and does indeed go on.  In my heart I wanted to be healthy and well for the rest of my family so I decided to reach out for some help. I went to doctors with my concerns and all of them wasted no time in handing me prescription medications. Some made me feel worse, while others made me feel invisible, emotionless, and empty. I knew there had to be a safer, healthier way to get through this. That’s when I returned to nature for the treatment I knew I desperately needed.

Getting better certainly didn’t happen over night. I researched daily, sometimes spending ten hours reading, taking notes, and going deeper and deeper in my search for some alternatives to the chemicals I had been prescribed. I read medical journals, peer reviewed research, and closely studied the work of Medical Herbalists and the ancient writings. That research, and the knowledge gained from it, became a passion for me. I began to stock the kitchen again with herbs, making tinctures, teas, and encapsulating dried plant materials that eventually made me feel whole again. I changed my diet by eliminating soda, coffee, and all refined sugars. I chose to purchase only Organic, Non-GMO food and cooking at home rather than eating out. Today, I simply don’t eat out at all, except when forced to do so. For the first time in years I bought a bike, and started going for casual rides and taking in nature. And as I changed, so did my perspective on many things. I noticed how mainstream TV pushed pharmaceuticals, fast food and GMO’s. I could clearly see the messages being perpetrated on the masses that said; this is the norm. From my perspective, this should not be the “norm”!

Last year I earned my Herbalist Certification from the Herbal Academy and with the birth of The Herb Joint, I have begun a new journey. I am thrilled I have found my passion and am delighted to say that my son Wyatt has decided on taking this journey with me! He is wiser than his years, outgoing, and committed. My next goal is to move where he has made his new home in Florida, and where I lived years ago, long before he arrived in this world.  Wyatt and I share the same vision for The Herb Joint.  We are dedicated to making it grow because it is born out of a passion to help people live healthy, happy lives…, naturally. 

The Herb Joint is committed to educating those who choose to better understand the benefits of including all-natural, non-GMO herbs in their lives. Whether you are making a tea, an extract, or you are using our herbs and oils for cosmetic purposes and DIY projects, choosing to use organic and wildcrafted herbs that are not GMO or chemically treated, is a great decision.

Wishing you all the best and so much love.
~Be well! 
Jayne and Wyatt 

Strongly committed to the organic industry, we are proud to offer an increasingly large selection of certified organic botanicals, herbs, spices, teas, liquid herbal extracts, essential oils, and more.

Wyatt & Mom, Siesta Key, Florida 2019 A business venture is born!

In loving memory… Tommy Feb 26, 1987-Jan 1, 2015

Sustainable Organic Farming Practices

Certified organic products are grown and harvested without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and offer a more sustainable option for feeding ourselves and our communities. Organic farms can even support higher levels of wildlife, and improve entire ecosystems and ground water. Sustainable organic farming practices can produce crops without depleting our earth’s resources or polluting the environment. It has many environmental, health, and social benefits, and continue to have a significant impact on the quality and availability of water and soil quality.

Certified Organic

All of our certified organic products are grown and harvested in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program.

Certified Kosher

The Herb Joint is also very proud to say that our products come from a Certified Kosher facility, certified by "Kosher Certification Service" located in Los Angeles, CA. Most of our botanicals, herbs, and spices are kosher