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Is a second wave of covid-19 coming?

Is a second wave of covid-19 coming?

Is a second wave of covid-19 coming?

Thankfully, most of us survived covid-19 and it’s quarantine, and we’re finally getting back a sense of freedom and health. Now we’re headed into the summer months and all I can say is WOW! What an experience this has been. I saw the best, and I saw the worst come out of people all around

My Dad and the Dead Cardiologists

by Joette Calabrese How Dad Outlives Them All With Homeopathy I put responsibility for my health care completely in my own hands. And the only way I or anyone can take this stance with such fervor is to know, down to our very cells, what we actually believe. I put my faith in a nutrient-dense

Herbs for Winter Wellness

Herbs for Winter Wellness Jayne Judkins, Certified HerbalistNovember 30, 2019 During the Winter season, stress, colds, and other health related challenges can be lurking just around the corner. We have looked at some of the top herbs for Winter wellness that can be especially useful at this time of year. Read what the experts have to

Make It A Cinnamony Kinda Morning ;)

August 2019Make It A Cinnamony Kind Of Morning! Start your day off right and pamper yourself to boot! Who says we “can’t have our cake and eat it too”? Ceylon cinnamon with coconut oil and raw honey make this an amazing coffee to wake up to! This warm, sweet, cinnamony, creamy, coffee is loaded with