Herbs That Assist in Detoxification

Whether you are trying to achieve a deep tissue detox or a gentle liver cleanse, many herbs and herbal combinations can help you achieve your goal. Some of the best include Burdock root to cleanse the blood via the liver and for those with chronic skin problems related to toxicity. (1) Dandelion root (the entire plant can be used) as a tonic for the liver,  has been in use since the time of the ancient Greeks. Traditional Chinese medicine records Dandelion in use for at least 5 thousand years for a variety of conditions including diabetes, cancers, infections, fevers, snakebites and, of course, liver and digestive disorders. (2)
Juniper berry is perhaps the strongest of the kidney cleansing herbs and will be a great ally in helping flush out excess wastes. Note: be sure to keep up your fluid intake when using Juniper.
     “A herb that has the power to invigorate, activate and tonify the kidneys is simply of enormous value and I personally believe that Juniper berry is one of the strongest and best of all of our natural medicines to cleanse and strengthen the kidneys.” ~Richard R Whelan, Medical Herbalist 
There are many herbs that will assist you in your detoxing efforts and the above are just a few to get you started. Remember to drink plenty of water while detoxing. How much is enough? You should not be going to the toilet to pass urine less than every two hours, but neither should you be going more than once an hour. It may be helpful to get a jug, preferably glass, fill it with water and add some cut lemon or green herbs like lemon-balm or mint. It’s a pleasant way to drink ample water and serves as a visual reminder to keep it going.

Note: Your Primary or Naturopathic Doctor can guide you through your detox program. Please speak to him or her before trying any herbs especially if you are taking any medications or you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Supports health and purification of the blood

Traditional blend of potent herbsfor detoxing

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