Herbs for Women

Herbs for Her

We have researched and selected the best oils, extracts, and herbs for women’s health. From a young lady’s first menses thru the menopausal years and everything in between. Here you will find the best herbs for her and read what the experts and others have to say. 

Introducing a classic LOVE oil of Rose blended with voluptuous aromas. Sexy, sensual, and sensational!

*Father Of All Foods* Rich in Chlorophyll-Helps Fight Cancer

Menopause-Menstration-Hot Flashes

Irritability-Mood Swings-PMS-Infirtility-Menopause

Increase Fertility-Fights Free Radicals-Improve Mood

Urinary Tract Infections-Cardio Protective-Headaches-Anxiety

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Ladies Mantle


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Many women suffer from a condition known as Uterine Prolapse at some point in their life. Unfortunately, this is NOT a subject that is comfortable to discuss. We’ve looked into this topic for several months and have discovered some of the most helpful herbs for this condition. Talk to your gynecologist or primary doctor about your condition before trying herbs, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking any prescription medications.

Red Raspberry Leaf



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