Is a “second wave” of Covid-19 coming?

Thankfully most of us survived Covid-19 and it’s quarantine in the Spring of 2020. Hopefully now we are getting back to a sense of freedom, health, and safety. With the Summer months now over, I wanted to update this article since we’ve been hearing of a potential “second wave” of the virus.

During the first round of Covid19, I saw the best and the worst come out of people all around me, including close friends and family! Many, if not most, were listening to the mainstream news media and they were the first ones to pounce on the grocery stores and hoard the tissue paper, hand sanitizers, and many essential food items leaving far too many of us unable to obtain any of these items. Common sense flew out the window in many other situations as well, and I will add that some have shown their true colors throughout this entire pandemic. Friends turning on friends, family members refusing to see a different perspective and sabotaging their relationships. Strangers yelling at others who chose not to cover their faces. Neighbors turning in neighbors for taking their children outside or having a visitor. No handshaking but elbow bumps became the preferred method of greetings…., uhg! The insanity of it all is enough to make me just shake my head in total disbelief. But…, the media IS very good at using fear mongering to convince the masses and most people believe whatever the media says. I would suggest that we be aware of what is going on while doing everything in our power to make and keep ourselves healthy. If we did that, there would be much less to be concerned about.

The Summer months brought plenty of sunshine and fresh air which naturally benefits the immune system. And as you may know, being on the beach and near salt water provides additional health benefits because seawater is rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium. But many of those Summer conditions that bring health boosting opportunities are no longer available with the onset of Winter. As the narrative from Spring resurfaces, and many US governors declare that a “second wave” is possible, we’re getting the “stay at home, social distance yourselves, and wear a mask” orders from our elected officials. So we need to ask ourselves, what  we can do to boost our own immune system and reach our highest and healthiest wellness potentials.

A few things that I might suggest to feel our best would be to question our eating habits, and to try our absolute best to incorporate fresh organic food as much as possible. Avoid the prepackaged and processed foods and make time to prepare wholesome homecooked meals for you and your family. This may sound a bit “old fashion” but it really is true that food is our medicine. We just need to go back to some of the old ways to learn how to eat right again. So much regarding nutrition has been lost over the years because we opted for convenience rather that wholesomeness.

Did you know that most restaurants only serve GMO food products and that this may be detrimental to our health because they do not provide the same vitamin and mineral rich content that natural foods offer? If you do some research you will quickly find plenty of sites debunking such claims however, these are primarily, if not all, put out by the biotech industry, their followers, and supporters. Some of which include BIG names like Monsanto, Bayer, DowDuPont, Syngenta, and others. These people and their corporations have billions of dollars invested in the GMO industry and they will do everything in their power to protect their investment and continue to control the agriculture around the world and especially in the United States. Here is an article from the Center for Food Safety where they testified at a public meeting held by the Food and Drug Administration on the agency’s new Agricultural Biotechnology Education and Outreach Initiative. The purpose of the meeting which was held by the FDA was to warn the FDA and the USDA of misleading the public about GMO crops and mandatory labeling. The article can be found here. The Center for Food Safety urged the FDA to “avoid the notion that genetic engineering creates biofortified crops”, ie; foods with vitamins or minerals. According to the Center for Food Safety there are no commercialized GMO’s that increase vitamin or mineral content.

Other ideas you may consider to protect and strengthen your immune system could include making your own tinctures or extracts using dry herbs. Herbs such as Astragalus root found here is a potent immune tonic herb that has been used for thousands of years (1) * Also, encapsulating your favorite herbs is an easy way of adding them into your daily routine. Reishi is an excellent herb with powerful immune boosting benefits as well as being a proven cancer fighter (1) * and can be purchased in powder form found here and easily encapsulated. If possible, learn how to make your own Vitamin C (I demonstrate how to do this here) The benefits of a good source of Vitamin C goes without question and many of us are deficient of this powerful Vitamin.

Next, remember to get plenty of exercise, water, and oxygen. Turn off the fear and turn on the inspiration by being out in nature whenever possible. In nature inspiration and wellness is all around us  and the fresh air (although it may be cold depending on where you are) can often lift our spirits and renew our sense of wellness, freedom, beauty, and life itself. Bundle up if you must, but get outside for at least 30 minutes each day whenever possible.

So, and last but not least, if we do see a second wave of Covid19 sweep thru the country, DON’T PANIC! Keep your head on straight because you have been practicing good health and nutrition habits. Getting daily exercise, and hopefully doing all that is required to keep your immune system in check and to maintain a good wellness balance both spiritual, and physical.  

Please remember to leave some toilet paper for the rest of us too!

~Be well!

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