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Is a second wave of covid-19 coming?

Is a second wave of covid-19 coming?

Thankfully, most of us survived covid-19 and it’s quarantine, and we’re finally getting back a sense of freedom and health. Now we’re headed into the summer months and all I can say is WOW! What an experience this has been. I saw the best, and I saw the worst come out of people all around me. Those listening closely to mainstream news media were the first ones to pounce on the grocery stores and hoard the tissue paper, hand sanitizers, and other essential food items leaving far too many unable to obtain any of these items. Common sense flew out the window in many other situations as well, and many have shown their true colors throughout this entire pandemic. Friends turning on friends, family members refusing to see a different perspective and sabotaging their relationships. Strangers yelling at others who chose not to cover their faces. Neighbors turning in neighbors for taking their children outside or having a visitor. The insanity of it all is enough to make me just shake my head in total disbelief. But…, the media IS very good at programming the masses with their fear mongering and most people believe whatever the media says. I would suggest that we be aware of what is going on while doing everything in our power to make and keep ourselves healthy. If we did that there would be much less to fear.

Now we’re going into the month of July and the narrative continues as many US governors declare that a “second wave” is on it’s way. We can see more cases of covid-19 being reported and once again we’re getting the “stay at home”, “social distance yourselves”, and “wear a mask” orders from our elected officials who themselves are rarely seen with any face coverings whatsoever. Makes me wonder…

But hey,  it’s summer time now in the US and most of us will be getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air these next few months which naturally builds up our immune systems. Being on the beach and near salt water provides additional health benefits because seawater is rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium, and all have fantastic health benefits. At this time of year especially, we should not have to worry too much about colds and flu. Spring and summer fruits and vegetables are plentiful. Most of us are staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. We’re exercising and playing much more at this time of year. So what’s this really all about? I have no idea but I will say this: “fear” itself, can be a real killer. Don’t panic and stop being afraid. Instead, turn off the news that keeps repeating the same narrative over and over like parrots do, and engage in your own research. Ask yourself what you can do to boost your own immune system. Change your diet if need be and get rid of all the refined sugars and gmo’s that’s on your plate. If possible, learn how to make your own Vitamin C (I demonstrate how to do this here) and other natural immune boosting alternatives. Get plenty of exercise, water, and oxygen. Turn off the fear and turn on the inspiration by being out in nature. In nature, inspiration and wellness is all around us.  You see it in the birds, the animals, the children and our pets. We see it in the lovely trees, the beautiful flowers and the bees who depend on them. The fresh air and it’s gentle breeze lifts our spirits and renews our sense of wellness, freedom, beauty, and life itself. For some powerful immune boosting ideas, please see our article on immune boosting herbs found here.

So…, if we do see a second wave sweep the country, DON’T PANIC! Keep your head on straight because you have been practicing good health and nutrition habits. And by all means, please leave some toilet paper for others because as they say…,”we’re all in this together”.

~Be well!

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