August 2019
Make It A Cinnamony Kind Of Morning!

Start your day off right and pamper yourself to boot! Who says we “can’t have our cake and eat it too”? Ceylon cinnamon with coconut oil and raw honey make this an amazing coffee to wake up to! This warm, sweet, cinnamony, creamy, coffee is loaded with medicinal benefits and tastes like you just ordered a gourmet coffee from one of the finest coffee shops in town! 
In a standard size coffer maker, brew your coffee and add a heaping tsp of Organic Virgin Coconut oil, 1/8 – 1/4 tsp of Ceylon Cinnamon the “true” cinnamon, a bit of raw honey, and a splash of milk (better yet, make a froth for topping). Blend with a hand held mixer (like the Cuisinart smart stick) and top with froth or whipped cream and sprinkle Ceylon Cinnamon on top! You’ll be hooked, we promise! 

You can find Ceylon Cinnamon our here:…/cinnamon-powder-or-sticks-ceylon/

A summary of the health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon including current evidence is published in The Ceylon Medical Journal and include in vitro and in vivo studies which demonstrate the power of Ceylon Cinnamon to help;
reduce blood glucose, 
reduce LDL cholesterol, and increase HDL cholesterol,
reduce blood pressure,
reduce oxidative stress and free radical scavenging,
reduce oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation .
Anti-bacterial activity ((Salmonella enteritidis oral cavity anaerobic bacteria)
Anti-fungal activity (Candida) 
Anti-parasitic activity (Cryptosporidium parvum) 
Inhibiting tau aggregation and filament formation (Alzheimer’s disease)
Stimulation of collagen synthesis in dermal fibroblasts (anti-ageing skin treatment) 
Inhibition of osteoclastogenesis (osteoporosis) 
Reducing nephropathy and neuropathy (diabetes) 
Reduced acid secretion and increased mucus secretion of stomach (peptic ulcer disease)
Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and wound healing activity
Hepatoprotective activity

You can purchase Organic Ceylon cinnamon in stick or powder form here. 

Established 1887
The Official Publication of the
Sri Lanka Medical Association
Volume 61, No.1, March 2016
Quarterly ISSN 0009–0875…/abstract/10.4038/cmj.v61i1.8251/