Asafoetida is a perennial plant with hollow stems and unbrel-shaped yellow flowers. The stems of these natural herbs can reach to six to ten feet tall. But be warned–the uncooked scent is not pleasant. Perhaps this is why asafoetida was given a common name of “devil’s dung”. On the other hand, because it produces an onion/garlic flavor when cooked, other cultures have called it the food of the gods.

The stems and roots of Asafoetida excrete a sap when dried, produces a gum that is turned into a powder form of these quality bulk herbs. In Indian and Persian cuisines this herbs is used to flavor pickles and it often finds its way into foods of these nations as a condiment. To cook with Asafoetida, one would heat oil or butter in a pan and then add a small amount of the asafoetida dried herbs to the fat to saute. Dishes featuring vegetables or lentils are the usual ones in which Ferula assa-foetida herbs are used to best effect. For those who cannot eat onion or garlic yet enjoy the taste, Asafoetida herbs can take their flavorful place. Because of its strong scent when uncooked, it is wise to store it in an airtight container so that it does not impart its aroma to other nearby food products.

If you are not familiar with cooking with or using asafoetida for it’s medicinal values, then we suggest starting slow. Remember, often times less is more! Store in an air-tight container and fry in ghee prior to adding to dishes.



Common Names: Hing, devil’s dung, food of the gods

Organic, Origin; India

Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy

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