Chaga Mushroom


The chaga mushroom is actually more of a conk and it grows on the side of Birch trees in the Northern Hemisphere. There are many claims that chaga can help fight cancer, boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and much more. There is currently a lack of clinical trials testing the effects of chaga. However, some preliminary research suggests that chaga mushroom components may offer certain health benefits.

According to Dr Andrew Weil, M.D. “Although this unusual mushroom may have health benefits, we have only limited information about its effects from laboratory and animal studies. Some of this research has shown that compounds in chaga can kill cancer cells and stimulate the immune system, but we need clinical trials to confirm these findings. Other evidence suggests that chaga may help regulate production of cytokines, the immune system’s chemical messengers, and as a result may help control inflammation. One small study has shown that chaga can reduce markers of inflammation in humans”.

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Botanical Name: Inonotus obliquus
Cut and Sifted, Powder

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Cut and Sifted, Powder


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