Chamomile Flower


Chamomile Flowers, also known as Matricaria recutita, are one of the safest, as well as most popular natural botanicals available. This is because Chamomile Flowers, which grow in locations around the world, have a myriad of internal and external uses.

Chamomile acts specifically on the ENS (Enteric Nervous System) that resides in the gut. Chamomile is calming to the intestines and the stomach and is a soothing anti-spasmodic. For those who hold stress in their stomach and where muscles clench in the abdomen, or who are not breathing deep within the belly, or if they feel pain somewhere in your GI tract after a meal, are good candidates for trying Chamomile (1).  You can easily make a tea, add the flowers to salads and soups, or prepare a tincture as a convenient option. Chamomile Flower Powder is commonly used to make fresh, organic Chamomile tea which also has sedative properties. We offer both whole Chamomile flower and Chamomile flower in powder form which are both organic.



Botanical Name: Matricaria recutita

Common Names: Hungarian chamomile, wild chamomile, German Chamomile
Organic, Whole or Powder
Origin; Egypt



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Whole, Powder