Christmas Tea Flowering Tea

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A delicious tea that blooms as it steeps, creating a beautiful and tasty beverage. This green tea is rolled tightly into an odd ball shape with chrysanthemum and amaranth flowers in the center. Steeps a cup with a light to medium green color and unfurls to the shape of a Christmas tree.

We recommend using a glass teapot or a glass tea maker/mug with our flowering teas.

Ingredients: Green tea with chrysanthemum and amaranth flowers.

Daily serving size: 8 oz of tea

Directions: Place one tea bud into loose tea infuser and place in 5 cup glass tea pot. Pour just below boiling water into the tea infuser and tea pot, and watch as the leaves unfurl into an exquisite flower. Allow 3-5 minutes to steep, or to desired strength. Remove infuser from tea pot slowly and drink your flavorful tea. After enjoying the first pot, the flowering tea may be re-steeped 2 more times.

Packaging: Packaged in a polyfoil bag with a resealable zipper closure, protecting the contents from light exposure and moisture. There are approximately 59 buds per 1 lb bag.