Circulation Extract


A blend of organic herbs designed to help promote and support a healthy circulatory system.
Taking herbal remedies and supplements in liquid form is an easy and convenient way to get the nutrients you need. Liquid Herbal Extract Dietary Supplements taken regularly in addition to a healthy diet, promote optimum health and well-being.
Ingredients: Organic goldenrod herb, organic linden flower & leaf, organic eleuthero root, organic ginkgo leaf, organic peppermint leaf, organic cinnamon, organic gentian root, water & organic alcohol (30%).
Extract Ratio: 1:1 herb strength – 8 lbs of dried herb used to make 1 gal of extract w/ 30% alcohol.
Directions: Add 10 to 20 drops (approx. 1/16 tsp) to water or juice several times each day, as needed.
Storage: When properly stored in our amber bottles in a cool dark place, avoiding heat, sunlight, and exposure to air, our liquid herbal extract formulas will last a minimum of 5 years.

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Warning: Use in persons with coagulation disorders should be under the supervision of a qualified health care practitioner. Keep out of reach of children.

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