Allium sativum is a favorite of both chef’s and herbalists alike. Known for it’s many benefits, garlic is antimicrobial and doesn’t play around when it comes to fighting germs. It has been used throughout ancient and modern history and offers a range of health benefits used both raw or cooked.

The following is shared by permission from Richard Whelan, a medical herbalist and a registered member of both the New zealand Association of Medical Herbalists, the NZAMH, and the American Herbalist’s Guild, the AHG, and has been in full-time practice since the beginning of 1989. You can visit his site here
Garlic is a potent immune system tonic.
Garlic is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic, especially effective in treating infections of the digestive and respiratory systems. Garlic directly destroys harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses and at the same time it enhances the body’s natural immune defences.
Garlic lowers high blood cholesterol.
16 clinical studies with almost a 1000 patients showed garlic lowered harmful blood cholesterol with as little as ½ to 1 clove a day.
Garlic lowers high blood pressure.
Garlic removes parasites and detoxifies
Garlic makes the blood less sticky and improves oxygen carrying capacity.
Garlic reduces the clotting activity of blood platelets and decreases the clotting precursor fibrinogen. Blood that runs freely is vital for the transport of oxygen and nutrients. ‘Sticky’ blood is thought to contribute to many cardiovascular, immune and metabolic problems.



Botanical Name: Allium sativum

Common Names: Stinking rose

Origin; United States

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Powder, Granule, Minced


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