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All grades of our French lavender possess a very fragrant aroma and distinct flavors that become more subtle when used in an infusion, such as a tea. They’re all perfectly suitable for culinary use, crafts, potpourri, and for therapeutic use such as in body care products like soap, oils, lotions, and shampoos. There are slight variations of color and aroma between each grade.
Extra grade lavender has a slightly bitter, floral, grassy flavor enhanced by the aroma.
Select grade has a more pronounced floral flavor with hints of grass, but less bitter.
Super grade lavender has a citrus-like taste, hints of sweetness and rosemary, and a stronger floral flavor. It is brighter and subtly peppery when raw.

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Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia
Common Names: Garden Lavender, Common Lavender
Wild Crafted

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