Linden Leaf & Flower


Linden flowers and leaves have been historically used in Europe and America for centuries for a wide range of imbalances – mostly associated with its purported calming properties. The flowers are added to baths or teas and you’ll still find Tilia europaea used in many herbal remedies today.

With just a little research you will discover that the benefits of Linden are many. In an article found here and written by: Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG), Registered Clinical Herbalist, she states that “Although research is slim, European herbalists have long relied on linden to calm and strengthen the heart, reduce blood pressure, decrease inflammation, relax spasms, and soothe the nerves. It’s specific for stress that manifests in the heart and heart issues aggravated by stress, as is the less pleasant tasting motherwort (Leonorus cardiaca).”

Warning: Linden has also been found to naturally contain caffeine.
Note: Always speak with your Primary Doctor before using herbs, especially if pregnant or taking any medications.

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Botanical Name: Tilia europaea
Common Names: Lime Blossoms, Tilia
Origin: Croatia

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