Olive Tree Leaf


The Olive Leaf comes from a small, evergreen tree, which grows to about twenty feet or more in height. Native to Asia Minor and Syria, the Olive Leaf is cultivated in several Mediterranean countries, Chile, Peru and South Australia.

The benefits of Olive Leaf have recently been emerging as a most promising and unique medicinal herb with multiple applications. Numerous scientific studies are currently being conducted to investigate the beneficial properties of the Olive Leaf.
In an article published on healthline.com found here, it is said the Olive Leaf extract may help with the following conditions:

1) Reduce cardiovascular risk
2) Lowers Blood pressure
3) Helps treat type2 diabetes
4) Supports weight loss
5) Eliminate free radicals
6) Boosts immunity
7) Fights herpes
8) Reduces inflammation
9) Prevents cancer



Botanical Name: Olea europaea

Common Names: Lucca
Organic, Origin: Tunisia

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