Schisandra Berries


Considered a top botanical in TCM, Schisandra is an outstanding performer when it comes to energy and endurance, and so much more. Schisandra chinensis is an adaptogen which increases resistance to stress and helps to improve overall energy, and physical stamina.

We are pleased to offer you the finest quality Schisandra Berries as part of our wide selection of bulk herbs. Schisandra Berries are also known as Schisandra chinensis, Wu wei, schizandra, five flavor berries and fructus schisandra.

A report from Fox News by Chris Kilhan published in 2011 and updated in 2017 had this to say: “Schisandra chinensis enjoys millennia of traditional use for prolong life, retarding the aging process, increasing energy, as a fatigue-fighter, and as a sexual tonic. Schizandra also possesses significant protective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Thus it helps to maintain healthy cells throughout the body. It is considered one of the most highly protective of all medicinal plants, and the berry is included in many traditional herbal formulas for improving energy and mental health.

Schisandra berry demonstrates significant adaptogenic activity. What does this mean? To qualify as an adaptogen, an herb must be completely safe and non-toxic, it must have broad uses for health, and it must specifically reduce stress, both mental and physical. As an adaptogen, schizandra is a potent general tonic, decreasing fatigue, enhancing physical performance, and promoting endurance. The berry counters stress by reducing the levels of stress hormones in the blood. Additionally, schisandra offers great benefits for athletes. In human studies schisandra berry and its extracts have improved performance among long distance runners, skiers and gymnasts. For this reason schisandra berry is often found on the training tables of Chinese athletes.

Schisandra also offers special benefits for the mind. Several human studies show that schisandra extract improves concentration, coordination and endurance. Schisandra helps to prevent mental fatigue and increases accuracy and quality of work. In various human clinical studies with doctors, students, soldiers and other groups, schisandra demonstrated superior mind-sharpening powers.

As if all these benefits were insufficient, schisandra also offers first-rate liver-protective benefits. Schisandra helps in the treatment of hepatitis, as noted in over 500 cases. In fact, an antihepatitis drug was developed from Schisandrin C.

Schisandra has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years. Despite this long history, schisandra is still relatively unknown in the US market. But due to its age-old use for enhancing vitality and its strong science base, schisandra and its preparations should get a good market boost in the years ahead. Once people experience the mental and physical benefits of this super berry, they will want it as part of their health regime.” (1)



Botanical Name: Schisandra chinensis

Common Names: Wu wei zi, schizandra, five flavor berry, fructus schisandra
Organic Schisandra whole berries or powdered form
A typical recommended dose is 1 to 2 teaspoons of the tincture two to three times a day. There are no known reports of side effects associated with schisandra use.

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