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The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia (BHP) describes Wormwood’s actions as bitter, stomachic, choleretic, anthelmintic and says it is indicated for parasitic infestation, anorexia, atonic dyspepsia and specifically indicated for infestation with Enterobius.

Medical Herbalist RJ Whelan shares his personal experience with Wormwood has this to say regarding it’s powerful ability to cleanse the gut and liver of parasites, bad bacteria. and infections of the digestive tract:

“Wormwood is a potent cleansing and stimulating herb that does its work within the body for a long time after it has been taken. It is a herb to use with much respect and not for longer than required and I usually prescribe it to be taken once a day, with plenty of water, and away from food.

I look for signs of encumbrance and excess dampness as an indicator to using Wormwood; such things as a thick coating on the tongue, a languid pulse or debris and congestion in the blood plasma. Symptoms that might suggest the use of Wormwood include bloating and distension in their abdomen, headaches, tiredness, and low grade inflammation in the back or the joints.

I see Wormwood as one of the best of all medicines where there is dysbiosis; infection in the digestive tract. This may be obvious from the health history or in symptoms such as grinding of the teeth, an itchy bottom or a chronic bloating of the gut that is not simply related to food intake. In the olden days such symptoms would have been thought to have been caused by worms but we now know that bad bacteria and fungal overgrowths are even more common than parasites — fortunately Wormwood pretty much kills anything you don’t want in there if you take enough of it for long enough!

The tincture of Wormwood is very effective but is hard to take because of its extreme bitterness. Nevertheless is someone has a congested liver or a blocked flow of bile a one-off dose of the tincture — whereby around 10-20 drops in a glass of water is drunk over a few minutes — is a remarkably potent and quick acting treatment.

For the effective treatment of gut parasites or fungal or bacterial infection I prefer the ease of use of the capsules of Wormwood whereby I typically give a strong dose of around 4 x 400mg capsules in the evening for as long as it takes to effect a cure.
To ease the passage of its strong action within the body Wormwood combines well with any of Licorice root, Fennel or Peppermint

All of our Starwest herbs and botanicals are tested for a variety of specifications in our Quality Control Laboratory, including identity and purity, along with a number of other additional tests. We are committed to stringent quality control inspection procedures, and our experienced technicians hand-select only superior quality herbs and botanicals for extraction. All steps ensure a premium quality and exceptionally potent herbal dietary supplement.
Taking herbal remedies and supplements in liquid form is an easy and convenient way to get the nutrients one’s body needs. Liquid Herbal Extract Dietary Supplements taken regularly in addition to a healthy diet, promote optimum health and well-being.

Ingredients: Organic Wormwood Herb (Artemisia absinthium), water & organic alcohol.
Extract Ratio: 1:1 herb strength – 8 lbs of dried herb used to make 1 gal of extract w/ 30% alcohol.
Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy. Not to be used while nursing. Not for long-term use; do not exceed recommended dose. Keep out of reach of children.
Directions: Add 10 to 20 drops (approx. 1/16 tsp) to water or juice several times each day, as needed.
Packaging: To preserve and maintain their beneficial properties for years, our Herbal Extracts are packaged in light resistant, dark glass amber bottles. The 1 oz sizes come with a traditional style glass dropper and a tamper-evident lid. (Dropper bulb is made with natural rubber.) The 4 oz sizes come with a pressure sealed lid and taper seal poly liner. These elegant bottles are the perfect way to protect light-sensitive liquids because the dark amber glass helps prevent light degradation.

Storage: When properly stored in our amber bottles in a cool dark place, avoiding heat, sunlight, and exposure to air, our liquid herbal extracts will last a minimum of 5 years.



Botanical Name: Artemisia absinthium

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